Craft is our trade. Beer is our passion.

We’re a small town brewery with a big passion for beer. Our trade is brewing unique and delicious craft beers. Our brewers break the mold and discover what beer can be with new and unique methods, ingredients, and knowledge of the trade.

The definition of Trade

1. The action of exchanging, buying or selling goods and services.

2. A skilled job, typically one requiring manual skills and special training.

Like the definition, our story is twofold

It could be said that trade shaped what we know as downtown Napa. In 1847 Nathan Coombs agreed to do some carpentry work for Nicolas Higuera and in exchange he received the original 80 acres of what is now the town of Napa. The town itself was laid out with the Napa River being a central part of downtown to promote trade. The river ferry marked the beginning of a progression of boat, stage, and rail services that greatly influenced Napa’s growth. A series of steamboats connected Napa with San Francisco between 1850 and 1870 making trade possible and helping to put Napa on the map. We feel that Napa’s history in trade is something to be celebrated. We are proud to have our taproom right at the heart of downtown Napa.

There are many jobs out there that require the skilled hands of someone who has acquired a trade. Our beer pays tribute to those who work hard at their job each day. We wanted the names of our beers to reflect the skills, equipment, and situations that are met each day by carpenters, welders, chefs, operators, mechanics, and all of the other tradesmen and tradeswomen out there.

Our craft is brewing; an art and skill that must be continually honed. Trade reflects our dedication to continually produce unique, delicious beers. Our brewers artfully craft and create beers that showcase new methods, ingredients, and knowledge of their trade.

Our story

With a shared love for food, beer, and the Napa Valley, Trade Brewing was born. Trade Brewing aims to bring craft beer to Napa in a new way. With strong community ties, you will see us at charity events, supporting local sports teams, and paying tribute to those who make a difference in our community.

We want you to be part of our story. When you visit us please tell us about your craft and how you found your passion for beer. You never know… we just might name a beer in your honor. Cheers!

Visit our taproom

Due to the current pandemic we have reduced hours at Trade Brewing. Visit us on Friday from 2-5pm and 12-5pm on the weekends for all day happy hour and takeout specials. Cheers!

Online ordering is now available! Click here to select your beers and have them ready for pickup at the brewery.

Vibrant Foods is taking over our kitchen and serving Jamaican cuisine. Stop by and enjoy a pint with some Jerk baby back ribs, sliders or daily specials!